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Growing Young

It is easy to complain about the condition of the younger generation. To fuss at the darkness.  What will we do about it?

Youth ministry is and will be at the heart of EBC Memphis.

We strongly believe that EBC Memphis is tasked with passing on truth to the next generation (2 Timothy 2:2).  To neglect young people is to reject God’s plan. Our work is not “youth ministry” but “local church youth ministry.”  We are not to simply attach teenagers to a youth program. We are to attach them to the greatest thing in the world: the local New Testament Church!  Students will outgrow the teen department but never outgrow the local church.

Young people will become pastors, deacons, teachers, and leaders in local churches.  They will guide our children and grandchildren!  In other words, “To change the future, we must disturb the present.” This is the day for churches to see their responsibility and seize the opportunity that is before them.  There are more young people on earth than ever before who all need our Christ.  We must do more than believe in local church youth ministry…we must be involved in it.

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Every person impacted by life needs the conditions to Heal, Develop, and Thrive. We're

working to make that a realitv.

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Connect with other students, have tons of fun, experience high-energy rec time, engage in powerful worship, hear gospel-centered teaching, have faith conversations, and build lasting friendships!

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Our youth ministry exists to help our Youth follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world. We attempt to do this by facilitating relationships with caring adult mentors, connecting them to peer life groups, providing practical ways for them to serve others, grow spiritually on their own, and engage in the overall life of the church of Jesus Christ.

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We do what works - partner with others to expand our reach an advocate for positive, long-term change in our children's welfare, juvenile iustice and youth mental health svstems.


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