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Grow, Learn, & Explore

The participation of small groups is one of our main strategies for instructing, counseling, and mobilizing our Community. These groups help people interact more deeply, grow in the maturity of Christians, and spread the gospel around the world. If you consider your church home to EBC Memphis, we strongly encourage you to find a group, and let's get connected.


Gathering in small groups has never been more relevant! We believe the church has always been meant to be a church on the move, and this season we have an opportunity to do just that — to spread hope, encourage each other, and practically worship together.

Kids/Youth Ministry

EBC wishes to work with families and their children through discipleship. We engage our young children — and youth — with the Gospel in a healthy, enjoyable, and age-appropriate way at each of our services!

Marriage Ministry 

Marriage ministry can build opportunities for couples to experience community. Transparency, authenticity, accountability, and lasting friendships are all created in the community. When couples are regularly placed in groups with other couples who are on the same journey, comfort begins to occur and a lasting bond is developed over time. This accountable and like-mindedness contributes to the health of marriages.

Mens Ministry

Men’s discipleship at the EBC provides men with both formal and informal opportunities to learn how to lead, study, teach, and apply the truths of Scripture in their everyday lives. This happens through both churchwide and inner city-based opportunities.

Praise Girls International

We are enabling women to grow spiritually and develop their gifts. Praise Girls is an international-based ministry to connect women with other women and opportunities at their pace.These events often include a time of worship, fellowship, and teaching.


Volunteer Groups

During our "Getting Started" orientation program, you’ll get a chance to meet one of our leaders, learn about what kind of church we are, and ask any questions you have, such as, what does it mean to be a Christ-follower? Where can I be involved in the church?  How do I connect to a small group?

Pastoral Care

We are so grateful for the kindness that passes through our people who are already meeting the needs of others through relationships with friends and loved ones. If you can help or you need assistance click the join now button below.


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