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Betty Leath

Usher Board President


Betty Leath is at the heart of our ministry. Betty is a dedicated leader, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend to who makes her acquaintance. Betty understands that one of Ebenezer's critical minitstry mandates is that ushering is a sacred and powerful responsibility. To carry out Ebenezer's duties and responsibilities and its ministries, Betty recognizes that ushers, like herself, must first and foremost be a Christian. Betty understands that a well-trained usher will master any situation that may come up during any Worship experience. Betty and her team of spirit-filled ushers know that it is their responsibility for the order of the Worship experience, meaning that it must be conducted without any unnecessary interruptions in and around the church. Betty and her loving ushers also relish Ebenezer's responsibility to make our guests feel comfortable, safe and welcome while in our sanctuary.

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